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Follow our leaders!! Each ACHE Board  member has pledged a donation to the Scholarship Campaign. That is 100% giving!!!!  Please, let’s follow our leaders.

Fellow ACHE Members,

Our mission is to promote lifelong learning and excellence in higher education. Included in our goals is to provide for and support personal, professional, and career development of our members.

One of the ways we achieve our ambitions is to award emerging scholars and leadership with scholarships and grants.

Beth Romanski, a 2016 recipient, shares her thoughts with us, reminding us that we do make a difference.

Please join us in continuing our good work.  Please donate to our 2017 Scholarship Campaign. Help us meet our goal and help us elevate our mission.

Beth’s reflections on the 2016 conference are below:

"As a scholarship recipient, I am proud to claim the prestigious endorsement of ACHE.

I encourage all of you to support the scholarship campaign and I encourage all eligible students to apply. You are making a difference! I thank you."

--Beth Romanski

Amy Jordan and Regina Cash,

ACHE Scholarship Campaign Co- Chairs 2017

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