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ACHE 2017 Annual Conference & Meeting

Keynote Sessions & Speakers

Keynote 1 ~ Ravi Huthseeing

Ravi Huthseeing photo

Presentation Details:

Millennial Mojo: Re-Imagining the Future of Education

If you want to feel very optimistic about the future, look no further. While one cannot generalize an entire generation, anticipating and influencing the positive impact that Millennials will have as leaders in education, business, and government is a tremendous opportunity. They are the largest generation, soon-to-be most influential in global leadership, and will live longer than their predecessors. Their magic—or "mojo"—is shaping the world.

Ravi's vantage point is uniquely relevant as a member of "Generation X"—the bridge between Millennials and Baby-Boomers. He takes his audiences on an inspiring personal journey that navigates the globe turning dreams into realities, yielding unparalleled insights into generations and cultures throughout the presentation.

In this eye-opening and thought-provoking keynote, discover how much the generations actually have in common and how to use these commonalities as building blocks for collaboration.Ravi depicts an optimistic future based on millennial character traits including their love for the arts (the key to teaching empathy), proclivity for entrepreneurship (the key to fostering identity), and natural ability to rise above social injustices. He also challenges audiences to consider how Artificial Intelligence will drive revenue and unemployment, the impact that will have on the disaffection of youth and vulnerability to radicalism, and how the millennial entrepreneurial spirit is critical in managing the consequences. Ultimately, Ravi empowers Boomers, Xers, and Millennials to successfully collaborate in order to overcome local to global challenges and maximize opportunities.


Ravi Hutheesing is a keynote speaker who builds his brand globally as a cultural-entrepreneur. His journey as a rock star, aviator, and cultural diplomat reveals unparalleled insight and strategies that have helped businesses, educators, and over a million people throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia bridge generational and cultural divides. Additionally, the US Department of State engages Ravi as a cultural diplomat to create programs worldwide that foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding, and he partners with Shanti Bhavan Children's Project in India which serves as a home and high quality educational setting for the poorest of the poor. The first American born member of India's Nehru-Gandhi family who created and governed the world's largest democracy for over 40 years, Ravi is the grand nephew of Jawaharlal Nehru (India's first Prime Minister), the nephew of Indira Gandhi (India's only female Prime Minister), and the cousin of Rajiv Gandhi (India's youngest Prime Minister). Learn more at

Guest Speaker for Day 3 Breakfast ~ Libby Unger

Libby Unger photoPresentation Details:

Imagine a World of Opportunity

Opportunity favors the prepared mind. In a world with accelerating pace of change, lifelong learning is the path to relevance and economic empowerment. Keeping up with the pace of change requires understanding new trends in the marketplace, rapidly acquiring new skills, and, most importantly, demonstrating competence. As continuing education program providers, we need to create opportunities for our target audiences to rapidly develop skills for relevance and to competitively differentiate themselves while as they pursue their professional aspirations.

“T-shaped” talent is valued more and more by leaders who want strong generalists who understand the business landscape, who have the soft skills to navigate, influence, and motivate cross-functional teams, and who have the deeper technical skills and expertise required to execute with quality results. This requires understanding business strategy, processes, and technology as well as how to technically execute.

Imagine a world where we create programs that help our learners build the whole self, prepare for new roles, or strengthen skills for existing roles because they want to rock it! Imagine a world where we could invite learners to take a “career risk” – time outs, lane changes, or reaches for the next career rung. And, the cost is weeks or months of their time – not years - and hundreds of dollars not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is a world where learners are empowered to be the master designer of their careers with relevant professional development programs to rapidly develop "T-shaped" skills. Join us for a conversation that will inspire us to create programs for a world requiring lifelong learning for economic empowerment and will or desire is the only thing holding our learners – and ourselves - back from designing and living life to the fullest.


Libby, co-founder and CEO of GreenFig, has spent her career building and transforming the strategic business capabilities required to respond to, and win in, competitive markets spanning commerce, technology, financial services and healthcare. She has led business startups, turnarounds, and M&A related integrations and carve outs for the Fortune 500, mid and small cap companies.

At the core of this work is a passion for creating an environment enabling individuals, teams and companies to thrive, to achieve their potential and to move beyond what they thought was possible. The foundation is continuous learning, obsessive curiosity and disciplined risk taking.

Prior to joining GreenFig, Libby was a Business Strategy & Transformation Consultant and GM with Deloitte, Magento and CSAA to name a few. She is not a millennial - but she has behaved like one - as a pioneer of the gig economy. She is a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning, being the master of your career, and staying relevant as the key to career success and financial independence.

Keynote 3 ~ Dr. Radhika Seshan

Dr. Radhika Seshan photoPresentation Details:

Re-imagining Continuing Education: Innovation for Future Ready Organizations

Join us for a look at higher education trends presented by Dr. Radhika Seshan, UCLA Extension. Re-imagining continuing education means thinking globally and embracing emerging opportunities. Dr. Seshan will explore strategies for architecting change to create future ready continuing education organizations.


Radhika Seshan is the Associate Dean of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer for UCLA Extension, a position she has held since June 2016. 

Before UCLA Extension, Dr. Seshan was the Executive Director of Continuing Education Programs in Bellevue College where she successfully designed a strategic plan to improve the portfolio performance of 2000 courses offered to 19,000 students.

Dr. Seshan's previous roles include building innovative new products and teams in technology and telecommunications. She has launched new software products and services at AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies across the United States and Europe.

Always a transformative leader, Dr. Seshan's self-described interest in higher education includes areas of strategic planning and emerging non-traditional education delivery models; creating immersive and customized student experiences through technology and operations innovation; Ed tech startups and global education trends.

Dr. Seshan holds a BA in Economics from Chennai University of India. She has attended Brown University and holds a PhD in International Economics from University of Houston. She is married and has two children. On her spare time, she enjoys taking hikes with her family, photography, live jazz and blues and traveling.

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