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ACHE 2017 Annual Conference & Meeting

Workshops and Concurrent Sessions

Day 3 - Wednesday, October 25

9:15 am- 10:15 am                      Concurrent Sessions 6

6.1 Bridging the Talent Gap: Employer Support for Advanced Educational Attainment

This session is designed to examine research that addresses the talent gap in the 21st Century workforce sponsored by the Lumina Foundation and Graduate! Network. The presenter will present findings about the nuances of employers that provide college support and those that do not. The results associated with the survey research will be shared and an interactive dialogue will be facilitated by the presenter.

·        Matt Bergman, Ph.D., University of Louisville

    6.2  The Leader's Journey

    Imagine a journey where your leadership self-discovery allows you to present your most confident and authentic self as a professional and leader.  Effective leaders recognize that their outer game is run by their inner game. Our inner game affects how we as leaders create high performing teams, use our collective strengths, and increase our effectiveness at leading from the middle. Join us as we explore ways we can identify and transform our inner game while becoming more aware of our leadership strengths.

    ·        Melissa A. Peraino, Grand Valley State University

    ·        Dr. Simone Jonaitis, Grand Valley State University

      6.3 What Students Can Gain from a Prior Learning Assessment Program

      Prior Learning Assessment has been gaining momentum across the U.S. as a way to improve institutional completion rates for adult learners. In this presentation, we provide an overview of the PLA portfolio review process at MTSU and the use of an online or hybrid course to assist students in developing their portfolio. We also present the results of a survey examining the perceptions and experiences of students who completed the MTSU PLA portfolio course. We found that students benefited in several ways from preparing their prior learning assessment portfolio for review.

      • Dr. Dianna Rust, Middle Tennessee State University
      • Cathy Delametter, M.B.A., M.A., Middle Tennessee State University
      6.4 Social Media Playbook

      Imagine you have a robust social media presence with plenty of time and resources available to fill your editorial calendar and increase engagement for your programs. While this is an amazing outcome for social media marketing – how can you get started without a full-time social media team member? UWF Continuing Education was inspired at the 2016 ACHE National Conference to face this challenge by creating the DCE Social Media Team, a bi-weekly working department meeting where team members share ideas, best practices and research while building their program’s social media editorial calendars. In this session, Jenny Hinely will share how the team got started, their social media playbook for best practices and resources, as well as case study information on how they have increased audience engagement. Time will be given for others to share their challenges and successes in marketing their department and programs through social media.

      • Jenny Hinely, University of West Florida Department of Continuing Education

      6.5 The Career Pathways Landscape: Lower Barriers and Improve Prospects

      Career Pathways is the collective term for a workforce development strategy to support workers as they transition from education into jobs. As workers mature, career pathways provide opportunities to improve skills, obtain new credentials and therefore change or advance into new employment. Finding ways to seamlessly and efficiently integrate career pathways requires unique partnerships between academia, companies, government and education service providers. This session will provide background information for career pathways and will then advance the discussion to practical and actionable steps that institutions can take to improve student certificate, credential and degree pursuits.

      • Marthann Schulte, Ph.D., Pearson Online Learning Services
      6.6 Plagiarism: Helping the Adult Learner to Avoid it

      When an adult learner returns to school, many times with years intervening between now and when they wrote their last academic paper, adult learners may inadvertently plagiarize. Helping them avoid this situation is key to assisting with the transition back to classes. Using a case study approach, this session will help faculty and program staff outline solutions to assisting with the avoidance of plagiarism.   The session will use a case study approach and draw upon the experiences and expertise of the attendees to identify solutions and approaches to helping students avoid plagiarism.

      • Dr. Mary S. Bonhomme, Florida Institute of Technology

      6.7  Who Says e-Learning Pricing Can’t Be Transparent?

      Custom e-learning courses do not have a single set cost because every course is unique in regards to its requirements, content, and the needs of the learners it serves. Oregon State University will provide an easy to use tool will help you quickly determine the estimated cost of your next e-Learning course based on your specified requirements and situation. Come learn the various individual factors that affect the amount of instructional design time needed to create your next e-Learning course.

      • Melanie Mitchell, Oregon State University
      • Laura Machado, Oregon State University
      6.8 Data Matters. Program Demand and Brand Research Data Necessary for a Successful Future

      Are colleges creating and marketing programs that are desired by prospective students and employers? What programs should be created or marketed to match the fastest growing occupations in your state/region? What degrees are employers looking for in new hires? What programs offered by competitors are growing or shrinking in enrollment? Does brand perception impact enrollment for particular academic programs?

      • Dana Edwards, MA, Simpson Scarborough
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