"Collaboration and Partnership: Our Keys to the Future"

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Shining a Light on Adjunct Faculty: Partnering to Sustain Academic Performance Through Faculty Development

Michael Cherry, Academic Coordinator, Adult Business Programs, Lewis University

For Adult Degree Completion programs, adjunct faculty are a key success factor, yet they are often ‘out of mind’ because they are ‘out of sight.’ Recognizing the central role that adjunct faculty play, the Lewis University College of Business partnered with adjunct faculty to create a development program focused on improving teaching and learning. This presentation will discuss the elements of the program, articulate its organization, explore results of the program, and create dialogue regarding ‘best practices.’

Including All Academic Departments in the Discussion: How to Build a Graduate School

M. Graeme Armstrong, Assistant Professor of Education / Master of Higher Education Administration Program Coordinator, Upper Iowa University
Jerry Poppe, Assistant Professor / Master of Public Administration Program Coordinator, Upper Iowa University

Participants will learn how a recent Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) communique to Upper Iowa University from the Higher Learning Commission was used to leverage support for graduate program governance. The session will showcase how careful and thoughtful commitment to integrity and quality decision-making, grounded in higher education practice and theory, brought about transformational institutional change. Furthermore, it will demonstrate consensus-building as a model institutional structure for both fostering and maintaining quality faculty governance.

To Do or Not to Do: The Nitty-Gritty of Online Program Development Partnerships

Marsha Ham, Associate Vice President & Dean University College, University of New Haven
Susan Kryczka, Chief Operating Officer, Educators Serving Educators, and Assistant Vice President for Extended Education, Excelsior College

Many institutions are considering partnering with outside companies to move into the online program marketplace as the way to get their online programs up and running quickly without a major capital investment. This may or may not be an ideal solution for your institution. This session will take you in depth into the strategies and the “whatyou-need-to-know” to successfully partner for entry or extension into the online degree market and to prepare your institution for this jump.

How to Develop an Accelerated Program

Dawn Spaar, CAP Chairman 2012-2013 and Associate Dean, Commission for Accelerated Learning (CAP) & Elizabethtown College

In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, this presentation will cover how a college or university can successfully offer both a traditional program and an adult degree program while incorporating the same mission and values, yet tailored to the different constituencies. Multiple years of successive growth, along with case studies from one private liberal arts college will be shared. Incorporating the research and best practices through the Commission of Accelerated Programs (CAP) will provide further insights on how to run a successful accelerated program. This session is designed for those newer to accelerated learning, or for those more experienced accelerated learning professionals who wish to gain new ideas and strategies for newer programs.

Where Have All the Men Gone? Implications for the Demise of Male Enrollment on College Campuses—A Panel Presentation and Audience Reaction

Stephen F. Gambescia, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Drexel University, College of Nursing and Health Professions
Gail Heriot, Professor of Law, University of San Diego School of Law
Stephen L. DiPietro, Director of Operations for Learning Assessment & Evaluation, Drexel University, Office of the Provost

Delivering the highest level of service and creating efficiencies are critical to launching, managing, and growing your programs. Outsourcing can help you achieve both, but at what cost? When partnering to support the launch or growth of your continuing education online degree programs, there are key areas you should control and other important components your partner should own. Learn how to divide and conquer, enabling your teams to do what they do best so you can effectively support more prospects and students while also protecting your tuition revenue.

Increasing Outreach through Innovative Partnering in the ' New Normal'

Diane Altwies, CEO, Division of Conitinuing Education, Core Performance Concepts
William O'Connor, Director,  Stetson University

Have you heard people say they want to get back to 'normal' after the economic shocks organizations have received in the last several years? The truth is that the old ways of managing won't work. The 'New Normal' phenomenon is characterized by constant change which requires a transformation in what and how you direct your organization's activities. This session focuses on what the 'New Normal' means to continuing education organizations and universities in general. Attendees will take away insights and best practices on choosing and managing vendor partnerships to deliver new programs that provide revenue to the university within the first year.

2009 Alex Charters Research Grant Presentation:
When Worlds Collide or "And They Lived Happily Ever After"

Karl Stevens, Director of Online & Distance Education, Southern Utah University

Recipient of a 2009 ACHE Alex Charters Research Grant, Karl Stevens will present a summary of his doctoral research, which focuses on the relationships between technical staff and professors during the online course development process. This process brings together individuals with widely varying backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies. Stevens qualitative research examines the interpersonal relationships among those participants in the online course development process and how they affect the development process.

Obtaining Resources for Growth & Fiscal Viability

Bill Duffy, Senior Vice President, Upper Iowa University

Obtaining resources to support program growth and fiscal viability for extended campus offerings remains a challenge for most institutions. This session will provide suggestions and methods to obtain resources for credit and non-credit programs, centers, and online offerings by using your institution's strategic plan, metrics for growth, and a concise budget analyses your CFO can understand and support. The session also identifies numerous areas in extended campus offerings that are often overlooked by senior administrators when considering the institution's mission accomplishment and fiscal decisions.



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